Stinking Rose-inspired Dinner

Last night I decided to try something new: Pork. Being raised on a small family farm, I usually never eat meat. But when I do I choose nonGMO fed, hormone/antibiotic free meat. Since I’m a recent college grad, this is not in my typical budget. However, last night I indulged.

Inspired by the pork chop recipe in The Stinking Rose Cookbook, I made pork chops and caramelized apples.

I added in my own flavor though by breading the pork chops and spicing them up with red peppers and extra garlic (I did not make their garlic relish because it required an ingredient I couldn’t find), putting onion, basil, nutmeg, and rosemary in the apples, and serving the meal with garlic parmesan risotto. Pair with Three Wishes Cab Sav; only $2.99 at Whole Foods!!

And, boy, can I say it was a perfect last supper before my 22nd birthday!




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